Morning Hike Reed Diffuser

The Haven Luxe Morning Hike Reed Diffuser is inspired by crisp mornings, and mountain tops. It encourages you to be motivated, get those endorphins pumping, and breathe in the fresh air. Available in a soft blue design, this diffuser contains scent notes of Rose and Cedarwood.

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Product Elements

Scent Notes: Rose and Cedarwood

Wick: Natural reed x 8

Holder: Light blue painted diffuser with metallic screw cap

Overall Size: 9cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D
Overall product weight: 0.364 Kilograms

Directions for Use
  • Remove diffuser bottle and reeds from packaging, remove tie from reeds
  • Unscrew the metal cap from the top of diffuser bottle
  • Remove and dispose plastic stopper
  • Place metal cap at the top of the diffuser and turn clockwise until secured
  • Insert reeds into bottle and allow them to absorb the fragrance oil
  • Allow 24-48 hours for fragrance to diffuse into the air. Flip reed ends to reinvigorate the scent

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